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BMA to Share Operational Expertise
Posted: 02/20/2015

BMA News BMA will be leading sessions on life enrichment and wellness, management and operations, and sales and marketing at the Leading Age Illinois 2015 Annual Meeting and Exhibition scheduled to be held from April 29 through May 1 in Rosemont, Illinois.
Leading Age Illinois (formerly Life Services Network) is the largest eldercare association in Illinois. The statewide association represents the leading providers of services for older adults, including senior housing, assisted living and supportive living communities.
\"LeadingAgeRepresentatives of BMA and communities that the company manages will be leading the following sessions:
If You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It
Amy Eubank, BMA Interim Administrator, and Kim Ioerger, Vice President of Operations,will be talking about how leaders can empower directors and front line staff to think strategically and quantitatively and about how an organization can measure success through numbers without appearing to be all about the numbers.

The Stetson Club:
Baby Boomer Gentlemen’s Recreation in Senior Living

Kristiann Ruderman, Regional Operations Director, and Danni Holman, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Engagement, will be looking at what men of the Baby Boomers generation will desire in activities and life enrichment in senior housing and services. She will be presenting 25 great ideas for clubs, activities and other offerings for the masculine persuasion. She also will be presenting information on the 10 best low cost or no cost recreational pursuits for male older adults.

Ask for a Referral
Jo Ellen Bleavins, Senior Vice President of Operations, and Julie Simpkins, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, will be leading a discussion with professional referral sources on what is important to them and the challenges they are facing. The session also will cover how to partner with professional referral sources in the new managed care environment and how to assist professional referral sources with the challenges they are facing.

Re-Inventing Me:
Activities and Wellness Programs for Young Adults with Physical Disabilities

Christopher Dale, Administrator, and Julie Helm, Resident Services Director, at Deer Path of Huntley will be leading this session. Deer Path is an affordable assisted living community for adults 22 to 64 years of age with physical disabilities that is located in Huntley, Illinois. They will be talking about the link between activity programming and improved physical, emotional and cognitive functioning and utilizing leisure, recreational and educational health and wellness programs to produce positive outcomes.

The keynote speakers for the conference will be Jeffrey Cufaude, President of Idea Architects, and Andrew Carle, President of Carle Consulting.
Jeffrey will be speaking on “Thriving in the New Normal: How to Innovate in a World of Constant Change.” Andrew will be talking about “Innovations, Technology and the Future of Senior Housing.”
For more information about the Leading Age Illinois 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition,
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