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A Treasure for Seniors - Churchview Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Posted: 09/25/2014

BMA News The theme during Churchview Supportive Living’s 10-year anniversary was simple: It was all about family.

And that wouldn’t surprise anyone who has spent time at the community that has called the Chicago Lawn and Marquette Park area home for the last decade.

Current and former employees shared stories during the celebration, highlighting the great work that has been done at Churchview. They talked about how residents and the staff rallied around an employee who was diagnosed with cancer. Proceeds from wristband sales and a talent show helped the community and BMA, its management company, present that woman’s family with a check to cover part of her medical expenses.

\"ChurchviewWillie Tucker, the son of a resident, thanked the staff at Churchview for the way they treated his mother before she passed away. “My Mom was hardcore, but she loved it here. The staff was magnificent,” Tucker told the crowd. “My Mom left here a year ago, but I still think of Churchview often. Continue the good work with the people who are still here.”

More than 80 seniors live at Churchview today, including Tangerine Word, a Chicago native who found her way to the community three years ago. Christopher Dale, a former Churchview administrator, recalled meeting her and immediately knowing that his team would make it their mission to help her regain the independence she’d lost after living in a nursing home. When it was time to get her things together and move, Word grabbed a plastic grocery bag with 13 stuffed animals. It was all she had to her name. The Churchview staff went to work, searching for clothes she could wear and furniture to fill her apartment. Word “got three meals a day. She moved into this beautiful building. But really, what she got was our arms wrapped around her and a promise to take care of her,” Dale explained. “That is what we do. We wrap our arms around people, and we care. We care for them every single day.”


The concept for this caring community began with the foresight of the Greater Southwest Development Corporation. The group developed and owns the property. BMA has managed the community since it opened in 2004.

Initially, the wow factor was a great building that would be a wonderful asset to this Chicago neighborhood. Today, the story has shifted to the more than 500 residents who have lived at the community, the thousands of family members who have been impacted by the compassionate care their loved ones receive, and the staff that continues to give their all to the men and women at Churchview, said Rod Burkett, president and CEO of BMA.

During the celebration, several employees were honored for their commitment to Churchview, including three team members who have been there since the beginning:

Cynthia Brown – Move-in Coordinator
Elizabeth Clippard – Resident Services Coordinator
Denise Donnigan – Housekeeper

“I truly believe that together we will continue to accomplish significant work for the greater good and lead the change to achieve our goal of serving seniors throughout the Chicago area,” Churchview Administrator Mark Delizo said, as he presented the staff awards.

Churchview employs more than 40 people and has pumped out millions of dollars in payroll over the past decade.

During the celebration, Toni Foulkes and JoAnn Thompson, two Chicago alderwomen, described the positive impact that Churchview has had on the neighborhood and called it a treasure for seniors in Chicago.

To see more photos from the 10-year celebration, click here.


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